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27-Mar-2019 12:10

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(ok, I could add an callback event handler, but I just have to validate the file, not find what is wrong in ) IMHO, if you're going to provide an example, you might as well show the method which uses "best practices".

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I think my problem is setting up the readers and the input streams. Source Uri = xsd_file; Xml Schema Set ss = new Xml Schema Set(); ss. Source Uri = xsd_file; Xml Schema Set ss = new Xml Schema Set(); ss. In addition, your example doesn't wrap the creation of the Xml Reader instance in a "using" block, nor does it explicitly call Close() on the Xml Reader - two bad practices.A correct implementation using "best practices" follows: I tried to copy the code to a Windows Forms Application project and got lots of error messages. Also, if you place you cursor on the code with the error and hit the F1 key, it will open the help and better explain the error and how to fix it.Reading actually helps ;-) First of all, this is not an error, just a warning.

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You're code will continue to run, it's just not the preferred approach for using validating readers in . Check out the beta docs at -- i was using xmlvalidatingreader in .

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