Who was kim kardashian dating before kanye

13-Feb-2019 10:16

They briefly toyed with the idea of just calling their child “North” without a surname but that didn't go over well with anyone.

They wanted to see if any of their friends would sell the image of their child to the press, so they sent out a picture of another baby.

No one has confirmed if anyone had the Rooty Tooty Fresh 'N Fruity Pancakes.

RELATED:  New Pics Of Kim And Kanye's Surrogate Show A Baby Bump Big Enough For Twins" data-reactid="110"RELATED: New Pics Of Kim And Kanye's Surrogate Show A Baby Bump Big Enough For Twins The couple were just playing when they said that they were going to name their child North West, but when Anna Wintour and Pharrell said that they should, they decided to go for it.

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Kim Kardashian still loves Kanye West, says a source, but has the stress on their marriage from Kim's anxiety after her Paris robbery and Kanye's health crisis pushed their relationship into the trouble zone?

And although Kim and Kanye are loving parents, co-parenting may not be enough to keep their marriage together.

That stress understandably took its toll on her relationships, but Kanye may have had the biggest struggle in trying to deal with the anxiety that Kardashian still experiences.Unfortunately, one of their friends took the bait and tried to sell the photo.There was a fake picture of North that went viral on the internet.News, his performances were often inspired by the reality star long before they officially started dating.

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