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In no case do I have any all-uppercase names (however, I use NTFS which behaves somewhat differently from FAT systems in this regard). There's something that might be what you have in mind, called the struct module. Cut-my-path-search-time-by-two-hoping-to-make-it-three'ly yrs -- Emile van Sebille emile at From fdrake at cnri.us Mon May 3 1999 From: fdrake at cnri.us (Fred L. Look at the file in the Grail sources for code that parses cookies from mail headers and the Netscape cookies file format. One of them is that if Guido gets to speaking like it's 2 am and he's been to the pub, we humour him but take away his CVS access for a couple hours. BASIC COME FROM (much simpler to do than INTERCAL!!! " 20 ERR=READ(FILE, RECORD(I) 30 IF ERR: 40 A=A: REM THIS IS THE EXCEPTION RAISING LINE 50 PRINT "continuing with real work.." 100 GOTO (file setup stuff) 110 GOTO 10 120 COME FROM 30 125 PRINT "File operation failed!! And don't you associate it with dangerous reptiles either! Say, no you have an array of ``curs'' objects Change it to c=curs[0].fethone() while c: dom something with c c=curs.fetchone() (Ploops! From MHammond at au Tue May 25 1999 From: MHammond at au (Mark Hammond) Date: Tue, 1000 Subject: win32netapi module -version 1.0beta1 (on Windows NT4/5) References: are part of *win32netapi* (my module).

For documentation, see - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Will Ware email: wware[at]world[dot]std[dot]com PGP fp (new key 07/15/97) 67683AE2 173FE781 A0D99636 0EAE6117 From akuchlin at cnri.us Fri May 14 1999 From: akuchlin at cnri.us (Andrew M. INTERCAL's COME FROM statement always seemedl like it might have been a good idea. ": GOTO 130 130 COME FROM 50 135 PRINT "File operation successful! "executed whether the file op succeeded or failed" is similar to f=get_the_file() try: a(i)=f.read(1) print "File operation successful! " print "executed whether the file op succeeded or failed" -Jim, who still expects his programming languages to turn "? From fredrik at Mon May 3 1999 From: fredrik at (Fredrik Lundh) Date: Mon, GMT Subject: Python T-shirt References: We need a mascot! (If you need an icon, use an image of the 16-ton weight from the TV series or of a can of SPAM)." hang yourself as well as many of your neighbors. I suggest a different fix: real test-in-the-middle loops. Some of these are missing; however a few are oversights that will take all 2 minutes to fix.

Name: l.Type: text/x-vcard Size: 254 bytes Desc: Card for Laurent Szyster URL: From rpalmer at au Thu May 13 1999 From: rpalmer at au (Rod Palmer) Date: Thu, GMT Subject: while (a=b()) ... It mocks the whole idea of having a condition in the WHILE loop.

which shows how much importance I place on *that*, I hope. If you don't like CORBA (and many people don't) then lets start talking about what we can make that does the same job better in a cross-platform way.

My problem is when I *forget* to worry about octals. A pity it's too late to adopt Ada's convention -- base#number. Where did you get the idea that you have to type an "extra" 1, anyhow? Surely that's better than pretending a problem doesn't exist just because the admission would hurt our pride.

References: Thanks for the sugguestions/help from those who responded :) --Stephen From mike.steed at Fri May 7 1999 From: mike.steed at (Mike Steed) Date: Fri, -0700 Subject: Testing for win95 vs. Of course, depending on the DLL, this may have undesirable side effects.... But since you have already made your filter, what you probably need is simply something like os.listdir -- and then use a for loop to iterate over the files.

-Mike From l.szyster at Mon May 10 1999 From: l.szyster at (Laurent Szyster) Date: Mon, 0200 Subject: reading PDF using Python [Q] References: simply work on the files directly. However, if you use fileinput, you could simply call your script like this: $ python * and all the files in the current directory would be filtered.-- Mark Twain From Gaetan_Corneau at Tue May 4 1999 From: Gaetan_Corneau at (Gaetan Corneau) Date: Tue, GMT Subject: Indentation on Win NT Message-ID: similar tools? But the expand/unexpand tool is an easy Python project :) ______________________________________________________ Gaetan Corneau Software Developer (System integration Team) Baa N Supply Chain Solutions E-mail: Gaetan_Corneau at Compuserve: Gaetan_Corneau at ICQ Number: 7395494 Tel: (418) 654-1454 ext. Eg, using the lowest info level when creating a user is far easier as only 2 or 3 entries are required.252 ______________________________________________________ "Profanity is the one language all programmers know best" From fredrik at Wed May 5 1999 From: fredrik at (Fredrik Lundh) Date: Wed, GMT Subject: Productivity and the two language approach (was: Using Python for Modular Artificial Intelligence code) References: programmer. on the other hand, he doesn't realize that a good C programmer is very unlikely to be a bad Python programmer for more than a few days... But you still need a default argument or something to get a reference to list into the lambda's namespace and make this expression reliable. FI (Markus Stenberg) Date: 0300 Subject: pickle and module package References: documented. Using the high user-info structures means I need to fill in far more. SERVER_INFO and USER_INFO seem to have different info levels with unque pieces of data - eg, there is some data that can only be obtained by using a specific info level, and other data that can only be obtained using a different info level.However, it doesn't really cover logical design -- it's mainly about physical design. This made it simple to support _all_ info levels, which seemed to me the best option from a flexibility POV. From gmcm at Tue May 25 1999 From: gmcm at (Gordon Mc Millan) Date: Tue, -0500 Subject: Import module In-Reply-To: only from file. - Gordon From aa8vb at gov Mon May 3 1999 From: aa8vb at gov (Randall Hopper) Date: Mon, -0400 Subject: Creating a pull-down list with Tkinter In-Reply-To: Ben Gertzfield: |After reading through the meagre documentation available for Tkinter, |I've stumped myself. AN=368413557 If you need to know when a variable in the menu is selected, you'll have to drop down and use a Tk trace variable, or create your own enhanced Option Menu with a command callback. AN=462053022 Note also that Pmw ( has a wrapper around the Option Menu and offers a Combo Box as well.

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