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31-Mar-2019 12:51

The Indian film and television industry is very much open to international talent.There are many famous names in Bollywood who belong to different countries but have established themselves strongly here in India.The following year she appeared as one of the contestants on the show.She impressed the judges and the audiences in the U.Lauren Gottlieb age when she entered Bollywood in 2013 was 25 years. She has brothers too with whom she grew up and was influenced a lot by their company to pick up boyish habits.If you want to know more about the gorgeous lady and her life, then you can log onto Lauren Gottlieb wiki. Her family has been very much supportive towards all of her decisions related to her life and career.This girl is a complete package who has the looks to die for.

She was connected with the show for the later seasons as well.

Her big break in Bollywood came with her first film.