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27-Feb-2019 19:28

To desperately search for love at an event with a clock ticking means you pressure yourself.

You become less of the type of person you are as you try to find someone who fits this image you have in your head of "The One." That was my problem with speed dating: the reasons I had for doing it were vastly different from what some would say is the purpose of speed dating: to meet other people.

Again, you try to assemble the chance at a second, more meaningful date with someone else, assessing that other person by their looks and what they're saying.

You know they're doing the exact same thing if they're interested.

One intrepid dater talks about why he gave up speed dating MANILA, Philippines - Over the course of two February months, I dated close to 60 women.

My mind tells me to qualify this statement further, but it is technically true.

I want to know what a meaningul relationship means for that other person, and whether our individual thoughts on the matter align.

Red Vase Interventions is again having a speed dating event titled “ SINGLES’ POOL”, a billiards inspired date night at Elbow Room, Metrowalk, Ortigas. Single individuals (male: 22 to 33 years old; female: 21-30 years old) are welcome to join the event.

I went into speed dating for the wrong reasons, and I went into it at a time when I didn't realize being able to talk to 60 women was a chance to improve myself socially, the way the Korean daters probably did.

That perspective check was refreshing, and it was why I decided to give up speed dating entirely: to avoid competing with others and myself so I can better the kind of person that I am.

If there's an equally high score between two individuals, the organizer of the speed date will send you the other person's number the day after so you can talk to them. Some may want to see speed dating as a crapshoot, where the types of people you meet and the quality of conversation you get is entirely dependent on who decides to play.

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While the amount of time you have to spend with each person on a date varies with each organizer — 7 minutes for some, 15 for others — the realization that it's a time-bound attempt to get someone's attention is a little unsettling. At the same time, it is poker, as you contend with a number of other people aiming to connect with someone else during the dates.As for speed dating, I'd still recommend it to singles, but only after I've told them to change their expectations. If you are one of those who look forward to the freedom and adventure brought by summer, we are talking.Only 15 slots are to be opened for each gender (15 males, 15 females).

Love, Maybe. - SPEED Dating for Singles. 731 likes 1 talking about this. The Philippines' BIGGEST FREE Speed Dating Event is Back! Are you ready to.… continue reading »

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