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After I left the group and complained to the police, I received many death threats."The Times of London reported on September 3 that video tapes seized by police - and broadcast on Argentina's nightly news - depicted "abhorrent Satanistic acts ...

in uncensored extracts of the videos after late-night news programs on Wednesday."David "Moses" Berg, founder of Children of God, opened the door to esoteric religions and promiscuity in the 1970s, when in a letter to disciples he endorsed spiritism, witchcraft and astrology, according to W.

She now lives in a mountain canyon two hours from Los Angeles, where she looks back with anger on her life in the COG.

net/~watcher/The fatal speedball seizure of River Phoenix on Halloween night, 1993, coincided in the media with the apocalyptic fire storm in Malibu and the death of Frederico Fellini.

In early September, newspapers in London and Buenos Aires headlined a story that directly concerned River Phoenix but, after the initial burst of coverage, was conspicuously absent from the American press - a raid on the Pilar, Argentina compound of the Family of Love, formerly the Children of God sect.

They have received military training to protect themselves from outsiders."Police in Buenos Aries were quickly inundated by "hundreds of telephone calls from the public requesting a special investigation,' according to the daily Clarin.

After the raids, The New York Times, Time, Espanol, NBC and CNN all chimed in with prominently-placed features on the Family.[...] Silvina Cangaro, an interior decorator and former Family member, spoke to Gente, Argentina answer to People, of her recruitment: "When I became a member, I immediately took part in Satanic rites.Women in the community, she says, "including pregnant girls, were ordered to do 'flirty-fishing' at night to bring in new members." She says that she learned by the "love of God" to conceal from outsiders the sexual teachings of Moses Berg.The Children of God have gathered alms from powerful admirers.Other former disciples have described Berg as "Satanic," a charge first made by former members in 1973.

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