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22-Feb-2019 17:32

En el 2010 apareció en la serie dramática Satisfaction.El 15 de junio del mismo año se unió al elenco de la exitosa serie australiana Home and Away donde interpretó a April Scott, hasta el el 13 de noviembre de 2013 luego de que su personaje decidiera irse de Summer Bay para mudarse a París junto a su esposo Dexter Walker para continuar con sus estudios en medicina.We were joined at the hip from the moment we met, pretty much, and had every intention of getting engaged and married.", she said. Now the actress is single, who do you think is fit for her. Lincoln Lewis has a new girlfriend and he met her in Summer Bay!Lincoln most recently uploaded a photo of himself kissing his new girlfriend with the caption “This one”.

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Desde el 2010 comenzó a salir el actor Lincoln Lewis,​ Del 2003 al 2006 interpretó a Lisa Jeffries en la aclamada serie australaiana Neighbours, Lisa es la mejor amiga de Summer Hoyland.

We are both very dedicated people when it comes to our work, and Rhiannon's dream has taking here overseas and I could not be prouder of her. There is nothing but love between us and I know we will always be best friends :) good luck in your adventure Rhiannon.

It takes heart to move around the world and your big heart is what I fell in love with. I know It seems that they are still close and friends in good terms.

Rhiannon apenas tenía 11 años cuando se unió a la serie.

Del 2007 al 2009 interpretó a la chica poco femenina Rocky en la serie cómica y familiar As the Bell Rings.​ En el 2008 apareció en la película Playing for Charlie, donde interpretó a Laura.Lincoln Lewis – an Australian actor and son of NRL legend Wally – has found love with Perth model Chloe Ciesla.Both Lincoln, 28, and Chloe’s, 18, Instagram accounts are littered with photos of the loved-up couple who are believed to have been dating for just a couple of weeks.Full statement on my FB page facebook.com/eugene.fanning…