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The best way to truly know what is going on with your body is to call us and get tested today.Below, you will find links that describe more in depth each of the 6 most common STD or STI that you should be tested for if your are sexually active.Also, it is important to know that many insurance companies may increase your rates if you come back positive for a STD, even if the STD is curable, and what could be worse is getting dropped from your insurance all together because they may view you as a high risk factor.This is very common and why we at Simple STD Testing encourage you to get tested regularly and use our service, so that all your information remains confidential and never shared with your insurance company or anyone else for that matter. It’s better to be safe than sorry, and better to know than worry.Anyone with a new partner, multiple partners or just sexually active in general should be tested for the 6 most commonly transmitted diseases and infections.Certain high risk groups including prison inmates, men who have high risk sex with men, and sexual partners that have already been diagnosed with a STD, should be tested regularly every 6 months.

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