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Manage them with an intuitive GUI and use handy built-in cropping and resizing options.

Link photos with users based on Azure AD attributes. Windows 7 pro x64, NTFS and theres no local quotas. I've googled around a bit and others have posted the EXACT same issue on other forums but no real answers have been found.

I advised the user to use OWA while i try and figure out what is going on... Check DNS and all is correct, can ping and all resolves correct. Also if i reboot my exchange server it starts working again for a short time. Normally i would have wiped the machine and started again but my issue is the machine is 500km away and to ship it to my office and back the turnaround would be too long for the user as it has some business software that requires daily use.

Does anybody have any ideas on what i could do....?

Dear Experts, I have an exchange 2010 server and an outlook 2010 client. Interesting question, why would it get stuck at 3.99 GB You've recreated OST File, so this is not an issue with OST Corruption You've recreated Profile, so this is not an issue with OL Profile corruption You've worked on another laptop, so this is not an issue with Office.

recently, whenever outlook is open, the status bar says "updating inbox (3.99GB)" . So far I have: - deleted the ost file and let it rebuild - disabled all add-ons for Outlook - removed the outlook profile completely and let everything rebuild - taken a brand new laptop and setup it all up from scratch - disabled the AV on exchange server and client pc None of the above steps changed anything. You've worked with OWA and OL online mode and it works fine. AFAIK, the OST file gets stored in the users profile, and subsequently, if you have quotas in place, it could be that the user is reaching his/her limit.

When configured using RPC outlook says it is connected but says "Updating Inbox" and does not download email.

I looked at the connection status and the client is connected but in the Req/Fail column i can see 130/8, so clearly something is not quite right there.

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Too much latency on the primary port would cause the secondary connection to become primary until the latency would diminish. Help, my PC with Windows 10 won't shut down properly Since upgrading to Windows 10 my computer won't shut down properly.This will gradually reduce to 1 B but stay on that. So I close Outlook and restart and it starts all over again, stopping at 1 B. Questions: == reinstall outlook itself and take a backup of the mailbox once reinstalled, only open the pst backup rather than connect directly to the exchange so that you can confirm outlook itself is working with no hidden popups or messages then re-create the profile for the user and sync their email etc What file system type is Outlook running on? Also, if you are running Windows 7 (not sure about previous versions), then the local machine ALSO has it's own limits on user profile sizes even if the domain doesn't.While it is updating, no new email lands in the inbox until i restart outlook, then any new items will be updated, but no more will arrive until outlook is again restarted. Easily upload multiple users’ photos to Office 365.To be exact, I have created a new profile and kept it to download but still the problem persists. I can assure there's no issue as other users are able to communicate without any issues. If you feel the issue is not resolving itself I would recommend checking out the Outlook Support and Recovery Assistant Here: https://configure.office.com/sara/Setup Consider changing how much email you are downloading as well to keep offline.

Start low - and you can increase it as you validate it if you need too.

When I asked to see the PTP laser setup I was lead to a room with the unit mounted on the ceiling, hanging down to window height and firing out the window at the top of a building across the street. I use the menu button shutdown and the screen goes blank, but the system does not fully shut down.

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