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She's right here she's right down the road out of legal entry Ramsey is her name and she's a democratic candidate for congress. Ramsey is a 56 year old retired business executive from league would Kansas and again was trying to challenge camp he owners who is running with the endorsement of EMILY's List a liberal woman's group that has raised more than half a million dollars to help female candidates who support. There is a very long statement from her that the star put out I'm talking 12345678.

His name is Gary bunk Hauser and lab one agreed to dismiss the case permanently after mediation in 2006.

And the wife of a retired army colonel who served our country in Vietnam all things that are Face Book page viewing angle and read it. No this is true with this person is alleging in the reason that. But we have a very prime example now of a woman facing sexual harassment claims who has dropped out of the race even though she denies all of this happened. Larry I plan I gonna say it's somewhere else now like I was like oh insulating to rebut and then that's a really good point is that.

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We need to believe women more the power structure of America whether or not you see it because you're a man.

It's like I'd I'd there's like no response to that I don't see in worth like a joke back you're now at a window of that would be I. Right after it you guys make for a surprising bit entertaining pair well I mean I'm willing to admit that this is pure entertainment anything that comes out of my mouth you should never take seriously. It was a broadcasting school guide I went to a broadcasting school couldn't make it at the University of Arizona for over Christmas that's hard to do so yet there's a lot of temptation out there in Tucson while I mean yeah I feel I'm out ads Asian. That man decided to bring a lawsuit against the company not against me.