Mandating reporting

14-Mar-2019 08:23

You may not share this information with any person not authorized to get it.

For more information, refer to Policy 157: Records and Information Sharing.

After the teacher convinced the principal that the incident was part of his “Helen Keller” lesson plan intended to teach students what it was like to be blind, the principal instructed the teacher to avoid using the lesson plan in the future. There are many professionals who must comply with California’s mandatory reporting laws.

California law lists dozens of different types of professionals who are considered mandatory reporters under Penal Code Section 11165.7, including, but not limited to the following: Child sexual abuse and sexual exploitation are the most obvious types of abuse that must be reported.

Exceptions are also permitted for the use of reasonable force by a peace officer or school employee during the course of his or her duties to prevent a minor from harming himself or another person.

Punishment for Failure to Report Child Abuse or Neglect (PC 11166) If you are considered a mandatory reporter and you fail to report actual or suspected child abuse or neglect, or you impede the making of a mandatory report, you can be charged with a misdemeanor under Penal Code Section 11166.

For example, allowing a child to witness an act of domestic violence may be considered a form of child abuse, even though the child suffered no actual physical harm.

Physical abuse is defined as willfully inflicting any cruel or inhuman bodily punishment or injury upon a child resulting in a traumatic condition.

Pennsylvania Family Support Alliance is the recognized leader in Pennsylvania for mandated reporter training; we train thousands of mandated reporters each year.

PFSA has been supporting mandated reporters for more than 20 years.Read FSD Policy 50 for child abuse and neglect definitions.Upon request, we may also provide you with relevant information and records related to a report you made if you have an ongoing working relationship with the child or family who is the subject of the report.Sexual abuse of a child is any unlawful sexual activity involving a minor and includes crimes such as: Abuse can be anything that causes a child to intentionally suffer harm.