Legal age dating new york

23-Nov-2018 22:09

A class E felony prison sentence is a minimum of 3 years and a maximum of 4 years.It is considered rape in the second degree if someone older than 18 years old has sex with someone under 15 years old.As a Mother, I think that the legal age of consent should be 18, 17 at the least. We are all aware that some girls do look for attention and it's for lots of reasons, lacking at home, other issues, etc..

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The ages of consent in North America for sexual activity vary by jurisdiction. The below is a list of all jurisdictions in North America as listed in List of sovereign states and dependent territories in North America.

the exception does not apply if the minor is under the age of 15.

Legally, people can't consent or agree to sex with someone who is considered an adult until they reach a specific age. This is called the “age of consent.”Consent laws are meant to protect minors from being manipulated or forced into sex with older people. In New York, you can legally consent to sex as of age 17.… continue reading »

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You are Here Home Page Child Injury Prevention in New York State Dating Violence Prevention, Teens Ages 13 to 19 Years. Dating Violence Prevention, Teens Ages 13 to 19 Years. What is dating violence? Dating violence is a type of domestic violence that happens between people in a close relationship. Dating.… continue reading »

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The legal age of consent is 18 in ca & i have seen more then my share of teen girls barely wearing anything. I just say to myself "whatever". New Hampshire 16/18. New Jersey 16/18. New Mexico 17. New York 17. North Carolina 16. North Dakota 18. Ohio 16. Oklahoma 16. Oregon 18. Pennsylvania 16… continue reading »

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