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Also, don’t text her back right away even when you want to keep the conversation going.You don’t want her to think that all you have going on is waiting for her to text you.The WAG, who has reportedly been with Phil since school and is currently doing a degree in Business and Management, is obviously protective of her man.For all the glamour of the Premiership, the real thing that gives the Beautiful Game its beauty is the indelible joy of playing the game.One of my favorites first texts is, “Hey Cubsy, you speak text?Then no matter what she says, I’ll set up a time to get on the phone and talk.From a kick-about in the park to Villa Park, the actual joy of participation tends to outweigh watching others play the game.As the England team polish up their best footie boots ahead of this year's World Cup in Brazil, a new breed of WAGs are cramming their Christian Louboutins into their Louis Vuitton suitcases to fly out and join their other halves.

If you find yourself texting girls right after they text you, wait an hour or two to text them back once in awhile.

Play by these new rules and you’ll score again and again.

NEW: Women checking men out.● Think your zipper’s undone?

Here’s a bit of the interview: To purchase the whole interview, notes, and transcripts, just click here.

She’ll probably get the text before she checks her voice mail and a text is less of a commitment on your part.

Using eye-tracking technology, scientists from the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction found that women are actually more likely to have wandering eyes than men.“The way she responds physically provides a wealth of clues.