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Hangul on Wikipedia Many Koreans also study English. You will learn what you need quickly and many Koreans will be able to speak some English.

Seoul is the capital and most important city of South Korea.

It is very city-like and could be compared to New York City. Shopping stands are open during the night and it isn't a quiet place at night either!

There is always something to do anytime of the day. There are also five other major cities; Pusan, Inchon, Kwangju, Taejon, and Taegu.

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Where there are not highly populated cities, there are rural area's which are still relatively poor, and still follow traditional ways of life.Korean culture is very interesting and full of wonderful traditions.It is a magical place where you find both perfect peace and harmony, but unfortunately wars and tragedies as well. Use the table below to quickly jump to the section you are interested in. It is separated from China and Russia by the Yalu River and the Tuman River. To the West between Korea and China is the Yellow Sea.Words change depending on who you are speaking with. Buddhism is one of the older religions in South Korea.