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Note: The hip-hop group The Round Pound is a reference to the Fat Boys; its members are CD Biggains (Chuck D), Heavy C (Heavy D) and Main Flavor (Flavor Flav).All the wool in the city (including Johnny's blanky) is being stolen by an evil, wool-loving thief named Dr. Johnny plays the role of hero, as he tracks down and defeats Dr. When Johnny takes a trip to the beach, he winds up at a party, where a hot chick named Franny uses him to make her rude and selfish boyfriend, Andy, jealous.Johnny, not wanting to break his strict diet, travels all across town to escape Suzy, who foils his every attempt to get away.Two clowns–one more old-fashioned, one trendier–each lay claim to a particular street corner in Aron City, and decide to play a series of pranks on an unsuspecting bystander to determine which of them is funnier.When Johnny's elderly aunt, Aunt Jebedissa Bravo, disappears, he enlists the help of Scooby-Doo, Shaggy, Fred, Daphne, and Velma to crack the case and capture a Ghostly Gardener (who turns out to be Aunt Jebedissa, who was trying to scare Johnny away, because quite frankly, she just does not like him, as he's an embarrassment in the Bravo family).In a parody of Green Eggs and Ham (spoken entirely in verse), Little Suzy plays a Buttercup Scout who is determined to get Johnny to buy some of her delicious cookies.Johnny is brought before a courtroom to explain his actions from the previous day.

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Johnny accidentally joins the French Foreign Legion and soon finds himself on a game show in Ancient Egypt, where he must find a way through the desert with the help of a reluctant camel named Lawrence.With Mother's Day just around the corner, Johnny tries to find a way to make money to buy his mama a gift.While Suzy becomes ridiculously wealthy with her simple lemonade stand, Johnny goes through all manner of jobs in an effort to raise the cash he needs.That bystander happens to be the clown-hating Johnny, who finds himself repeatedly humiliated by their practical jokes.

When a school geek wants to take Suzy to the school dance, Johnny decides to help.

The series initially began as a trio of shorts that aired as part of World Premiere Toons (later renamed What a Cartoon! The shorts were later incorporated into the series' first season as the show's first episode, which premiered on July 7, 1997.

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