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Justin Trudeau's Canadian government has introduced a legislation that would make consensual anal intercourse legal for anyone, at any age.The proposed law would repeal section 159 of the criminal code, which LGBT advocates consider unconstitutional and discriminatory against gay and bisexual men.His conditions include reporting all intimate sexual and non-sexual relationships and friendships with women to his parole supervisor, not accessing pornography and having no contact with sex workers. Though he had sex offender counselling, the parole board assessed him as having a "preoccupation with sex" and posing a "high moderate risk" of reoffending.Attempts to reach Khairzad for this story were unsuccessful.He was, his victims would later testify, handsome and polite. The five-month string of assaults ended in the pre-dawn hours of Jan. A police officer saw a man and woman arguing in a car. They got into his car and drove to dark parking lots. When he pulled them over, the terrified woman said she had been raped. Khairzad told me this: "I'm not a bad person at all.

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Justice Minister and Attorney General of Canada Jody Wilson-Raybould, who tabled the new legislation, said: "The LGBTQ2 community has been right to call attention to the discriminatory character of section 159 of the Criminal Code.

"I'm kind, mature and I know what I want in life," it says. Nothing will happen again." When I pressed him on what his "mistake" was, he answered: "Making the mistake of dealing with those types of people. They're all druggies." After my column on Khairzad was published, his bail was revoked and he pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting four women.

On Disabled Dating Canada, afgstylz says he has epilepsy and is a "friendly, down to earth guy who is new to this." Six years ago, Khairzad cruised the streets of Hamilton picking up sex workers. Court heard he is a sadist who gets pleasure from inflicting pain. 8, 2009, he was sentenced to four years and four months. Just before he was led away, he addressed the court. This will never happen again." Susan Clairmont’s commentary appears regularly in The Spectator.

Less than nine months later, he was back behind bars after violating several of his conditions by drinking and driving through the very north Hamilton neighbourhood where he had picked up sex workers and raped them.

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Documents show his next statutory release date — the last possible day he could be in custody — was Jan. His warrant expires June 6, 2014, meaning his current parole conditions extend until then.

A violent serial rapist listed on the national sex offender registry appears to be looking for a girlfriend on a Hamilton dating website.

Nov 15, 2016. Repealing this provision would help to ensure that individuals in Canada are not unfairly criminalized simply because they engaged in consensual sexual activity." Several appellate courts have found the provision violates equality rights guaranteed by section 15 of the Charter because consensual anal.… continue reading »

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