Everything i know about dating i learned in business school

28-Sep-2018 03:59

I already had an undergrad background in Econ, but some of the nuts & bolts of finance came in through my MBA.

I also remember learning quite a bit in my computational operations research course.

I actually made a run at setting up my ideal MBA curriculum, having spent a year as the dean of a business school.The MBA focused more on applying statistics to concrete business problems, i.e. Facilitating group dynamics and Organizational Behavior were informative classes from the perspective of motivating other people and getting buy-in.In all, the education gave me a more holistic understanding of the actual functions of a large (or even small) business.Learning to question conventional business groupthink and consider alternative approaches was definitely my big takeaway from the MBA although it still pales in significance compared to signaling.

To summarize - I would have a hard time doing my job without the undergrad accounting and finance coursework; I would have had a hard time getting my job without the MBA.Particularly useless undergrad coursework was marketing (I never considered a marketing career) and management (theory doesn’t fit reality, you can’t learn management except by managing).As far as the MBA I don’t know that I’ve directly used a single thing I learned.But as a money manager, I had to unlearn unlearn stuff, too: CAPM, EMH, Fama/French (which had just been published a couple of years earlier).

Inspiration / People Despite what I've said above, you don't go to the world's top institutions to learn from books. You go, because. I'd also agree with the NY TImes acticle Class Is Seen Dividing Harvard Business School that HBS isn't very diverse with respect to class wealth. Is this answer still relevant and up to date?… continue reading »

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