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25-Mar-2019 04:49

Try dropping your expectations and realize that if someone chose to hang out with you over all the great things happening at the event, that is all you need. Take the night to experience as much music as possible.Plan out your favorite sets and also get some input from your partner.Communicating your needs, boundaries, and desires clearly, and listening to and respecting your partner’s, is the best kind of foreplay.The glow of golden hour at sunset, or first light through the oak trees at sunrise can be some of the most astounding sights at a festival.Take the chance to dance under the stars and share some of your favorite music with each other, there is nothing better than boogeying down to beats with your date.Going out on a festival date is a chance to party with a beautiful soul and share a mystical and magical experience. Just because someone agreed to go on a date with you it doesn’t mean that is an invitation to hook up or take it to the next level.The more the merrier, with more people it keeps it more casual and less restrictive and there’s less pressure than the one on one setting.It also allows for more opinions and options to curate a more diverse experience.

Diving deep within to center yourself only increases connectivity between you two.

It’s no surprise that many festies leave events with a deeper connection to friends or a fling they met over the course of the weekend.

Festivals are a perfect place to let your heart guide your experience and practice openness and vulnerability.

Here are 10 tips to curate a perfect festival date that will leave you and yours satisfied and carrying the connection home with you.

Festivals are full of galleries and art installations.

I’ll pick you up at your “house” (camp) or we’ll get dinner at your favorite “restaurant” (food vendor).