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16-Jan-2019 05:37

Offered in immaculate condition with no signs of wear and an absolutely killer low set up.

Dont pay 49 for a new one get this one with a perfect in-house setup for 59 with your choice of pickups. These early molded case, easily identified by their 4 latch closure and interior compartment door, are hard to come, especially in nice shape.

All of the Am Pros feature the modern 9.5 radius and, of course, the 25.5 scale as well as a gloss finish on the body and front of the neck/headstock.

You dont see many of these in this pastel blue which is very close to Fenders Daphne Blue, a vast majority are black, red or white. It has very low action and the single coil tone falls between a Strat and a P90 tone, although not as powerful as a P90.

Overall in really nice shape with the only real flaws being the typical fine cracks in the Plexiglas around screws. Super nice find for the Hagstrom or vintage collector at 9. I bought this new many years ago, around the time everybody started using I-Pods, so I only used it once.

All in all, this is a very nice MIJ Strat and the fact that it's a '54, rather than the more common '57 or '62, makes it that much more of a find.

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At 28 years its actually vintage now and at 0 its less than a new Mex model. 1986 G&L ASAT Blonde w/Ebony Board, (front), (back), (headstock), (bridge), (spec sheet), (chip), (case).It plays wonderfully with low action and no fretting out.It has typical fretboard wear which Im guessing was owner-accelerated based on the unusual pattern of the wear. Just a few dings and impressions but its in the clear coat only, and a short hairline crack thats been glued and is solid (shown here).The original guard and electronics can be included for , or well return it to stock at no charge if you dont want the upgraded parts.