Dating someone who lives with their ex

20-Jan-2019 03:35

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This is treading on tricky grounds because both of you may not always be too keen to accept responsibility.But can you really pinpoint where both of you went wrong in the relationship?You may be in a serious relationship with someone else, or you may find yourself single after a torrid fling with the wrong partner.Whatever may be the case, you may find yourself thinking about your ex or recreating a fantasy where both of you bump into each other and share a little fling or live happily ever after.When you’re in a relationship, you get to do a lot of couple things together, be it in bed, at a party or while lazing at home. All of a sudden, you would have to force yourself into a whole new life whether you’re ready or not.

But if you’re making a mistake all over again because you’re feeling lonely, you’d have no option but to go through the same painful frustrations all over again.Most people confuse this kind of an attraction with love. [Read: Getting back with an ex for sex] Is it really love?The only reason you should ever get back with an ex is if you truly love them and find yourself shattered after the break up.Dating an ex is easy, but going through the same pain and frustrations all over again is just not worth the effort unless both of you avoid repeating the same mistakes all over again.

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And if your current partner lacks in a few departments when compared to your ex, you’d obviously feel a huge surge of renewed appreciation for your ex. You can’t really grab an ex wherever you want to, now that both of you have broken up.

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