Dating someone just out of a relationship

08-Dec-2018 15:17

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It might be best to keep this friendship over the phone for the time being and leave the frequency of talking in her hands.Thanks everyone for the advice it has been helpful to avoid the possibility of losing a friendship.

After all you should at least be friends with someone if you want to date not kissing you = no go. It makes no difference to the girl if she likes you, but in this case she doesn't. You have to get your facts straight, ask her if it's date, if it's not then don't waste your time. The fact that she didn't accept your kiss is a sign that she doesn't have enough interest in you. What are you doing kissing her the first time you see her after the relationship? She demonstrated her amount of interest by going for the other guy last time. People can go for rides when they are just out of relationships, but shouldn't be allowed to drive. It won't work if you expect anything romantic, because they are still utterly confused and using every next thing to make their world right again.

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How do you date someone who has just gotten out of a relationship?

Any effort to try and make it something more than that would just hurt the friendship.

If she wants or expects anything more to come of this I will have to explain to her why that would not be a good idea.

As it turns out he wasn't at all what she expected and things turned sour in a hurry.

How do you date someone who has just gotten out of a relationship? To make a long story short I was called up a few weeks ago by someone who just ended a relationship.… continue reading »

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