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“I made it with the intention of helping men who are generally shy, introverted, and scared to approach women,” says La Ruina.But he also takes a defensive tack when talking about the movement, worrying that men “will be even more scared in the current climate because they just don’t know what they should do, because everything seems wrong.” With this, La Ruina is tapping into a sympathetic contingent that’s grown more vocal over the last few months — the one that wrings its hands over “witch hunts” and fears what they see as the new rules of sex and dating.

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It probably has the most number of guys to end up with out of any dating sim I've played. It's one of the reasons I'm not keen on it as you need a guide to win it.I like guides that can help when you are stuck on a problem with a game but to totally rely on them takes all the fun out of a game in my opinion.“This works psychologically because you’re taking away her independence,” he says, smirking.

“You’re saying, ‘Well, would he allow you to talk to me? ’” Naturally, he continues, she’ll want to push back on this and assert that she’s allowed to do as she pleases.When one of the women, a blonde with perfectly curled hair and a sapphire dress, informs you that she has a boyfriend, you aren’t deterred.You can’t be, since the entire point of the game is to seduce every woman you meet, regardless of her comfort level. You’re given several different options for how to proceed, but the “correct” one, according to , is to ask the woman if she’s going to marry her boyfriend, and later if he would mind if he found out she’d talked to you.Once you select this option, the game cuts to a video of a bearded man sitting on a bed with two scantily clad women lounging wordlessly beside him.