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Regulus got the locket, which was later stolen from the Black family home. B.", Harry kept the locket, not because it was valuable, but because of what it had cost to obtain it.The second skirmish at the Horcrux cave took place on 29 June, 1997 after Albus Dumbledore tracked down what he believed to be one of Lord voldemort's Horcrux's, located in a seaside cave Tom Riddle had visited as a boy while living in Wool's Orphanage. Voldemort later decided to use this cave as a location for one of his Horcruxes (Salazar Slytherin's Locket).As acknowledged by Dumbledore himself, the defences that Voldemort had set up within were well-designed in that one person alone could not enter and leave it without assistance.Eddie Brock (current host); Lee Price (former host); Flash Thompson (former host); Mercurio (former host); Drax the Destroyer (former host); Rocket Raccoon (former host); Groot (former host); Unnamed Skrull (former host);"Peter Parker"/Otto Octavius (Spider-Man) (former host); Thaddeus Ross (former host); Samson (former host); Carol Danvers (Ms. Been to many worlds, but none of them this strange. In order to keep the increasingly feral symbiote in check, the government outfitted Gargan with electrical implants.The first incursion upon the cave was by Regulus Black and Kreacher after Voldemort asked Regulus Black for a house elf.Regulus Black offered Kreacher and he was taken here. Its growing bloodlust left Eddie unsettled, and when he refused to satiate its hunger it left him on two separate occasions to hunt on its own for prey and a more suitable host, seeking to return to Spider-Man. Over time, the symbiote grew more powerful, developing an increased resistance to its weaknesses and learning how to speak.

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Eddie reclaimed the Venom symbiote, while its offspring were bonded to mercenaries hired by the Life Foundation.

The cave was used again when Regulus Black stole the original locket and when Albus Dumbledore and Harry Potter went searching for it.

In his childhood, Tom Riddle was brought to a seaside site near this cave on holiday with his orphanage.

Marvel) (former host); Mac Gargan (former host); Angelo Fortunato (former host, deceased); Anne Weying (former host, deceased); Peter Parker (Spider-Man) (former host); Wade Wilson (Deadpool) (former host); Unnamed Alien (original host); Anti-Venom ("twin brother", deceased); Carnage ("son"); Phage ("son"); Riot ("son"); Lasher ("son"); Agony ("daughter"); Scream ("daughter", deceased); Hybrid (fusion of Riot, Agony, Lasher, Phage; "son" defused); Toxin ("grandson"); Scorn ("granddaughter"); Raze ("granddaughter"); Mania (clone); Anti-Venom II (partial clone)Formerly Guardians of the Galaxy, Klyntar hive mind, Agents of the Cosmos, A. M., Avengers, CIA, Cosmic Champions, Cosmic Strangers, Dark Avengers, Landau, Luckman, and Lake, Legion of the Skull, S. Understood feelings before, but simple feelings - like colors, bold and bright. Despite this, over time Gargan's control over the symbiote declined, leading to him expressing nausea and fear of the organism despite being addicted to its power.

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It would later be revealed that this black costume was in fact a symbiote. Gargan later became a member of a sub-group of Norman Osborn's Thunderbolts, which was drafted by the Avengers to hunt down the members of the fugitive Secret Avengers.

He took Harry Potter along with him to find the Horcrux. It was a very difficult place to find and even Dumbledore had to make a lot of research about Voldemort's past.

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