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She was eventually helped to leave by an employment agency, but the agency urged her not to press charges.'Without this kind of protest the case of Erwiana will never go to the public or go to the court.There will be no justice,' Lestari said, adding that two other maids have since come forward alleging abuse at the hands of the same employer.The area was expected to be shut until Thursday morning as the unexploded ordnance from the second world war was deemed to be in a dangerous position and severely damaged, requiring more time to be defused.At 11pm, after the evacuation was finished, police said a total of 4,600 people had been evacuated from the area, including 1,500 from the Harbour Centre and 1,000 from Wan Chai Sports Ground.

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But they are quite extraordinary in terms of resilience.” According to Pathfinders’ 2016 report, 88 per cent of the fathers of children born in such circumstances were located in Hong Kong.

Bomb disposal officer Alick Mc Whirter said the American AN-M65 device was found embedded in the ground just 10 metres from where the first one was discovered five days earlier.

Without question, Hong Kong is one of the easiest places to get laid in the world with its legalized prostitution and plenty of regular willing women.… continue reading »

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Erwiana Sulistyaningsih, 22, was reportedly left unable to walk following eight months of abuse in Hong Kong and was admitted to an Indonesian hospital in critical condition last week after returning home.… continue reading »

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Major evacuation continues after second bomb found at Hong Kong site where 450kg wartime explosive unearthed at weekend… continue reading »

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Chinese smugglers build concrete tunnel under the border with Hong Kong to smuggle trade. Underground path had one end in a rented garage in Shenzhen… continue reading »

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Hong Kong was a British colony before and after WWII, but from 12/25/1941 to 8/15/1945 when Japan surrendered, Hong Kong was under the control of Japan.… continue reading »

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