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Here in Kolkata we do have footpath, but I never seen anyone to use that, instead peoples walk along the main road. That way both the cars running along the road and the peoples walking, don’t interfere each other. Like, cabs that bring you from Deorali to the City can only run along the same route and they cannot hop into short distance passengers or cannot run in different route.

DIY is fun, starting form gathering all information, probable risks, scams etc. DIY allows me to do the tour in my own way instead of relying on someone else to plan my tour.

So this was my chance to explore the beautiful state of NE.

Well, I better stay off from the details of Sikkim, it’s altitude and all etc.

Like the cabs that runs from Deorali to the Gangtok City have different stand than that of cabs running on short distance within the city or than that of the cabs going to North Sikkim or West Sikkim. With the lighting and decorations everything seemed planned. We bought Antiquity Blue and VAT 69 for 710/- and 1050/- respectively.

Everyone have different stand with different set of Cabs. Had some delicious Momo and Tea and walked around the Marg. Well that’s what my mobile showed me 🙂Sikkim is one of the state for Spirit lovers. It’s a tax free state so prices are much lower than that of your hometown (if you are not coming from another tax free state). Next day after breakfast, we left for 3D/2N North Sikkim tour (also known as Lachung – Lachen tour).Yeah, I know she was right, I got really busy into my professional life and the rat race to make money.I always loved travelling and previously we used to go every year to some tour, but suddenly it’s been 2 years I started running after making money.Don’t forget to enjoy Momo which is served with cutney, as you are in the land of Momo’s. If you can catch the cars going back, that came down from Sikkim to NJP / Siliguri, then you don’t need to change the car at Deorali. Remember that though these are Taxi, there’s no meter system in Gangtok. You can also go for EP / CP if you want to try out local dishes.