Ariadna and viggo mortensen dating

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'I went to the ceremonies on my own or took my mum or my niece, Sydney.I knew it would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for Sydney, that she'd appreciate it.' I suspect there was a subsidiary reason for inviting family members to escort him: Mortensen has always been reticent about subjecting his love-life to public scrutiny.A scarlet bracelet on his wrist proclaims his allegiance to the Argentine football team San Lorenzo.He grew up in Venezuela and Argentina on chicken farms and ranches managed by his father. Mortensen's own son was a similar age when he and Exene divorced.Before Lord Of The Rings, he used to answer each letter by hand.'I realised I was spending hours and hours in the middle of the night signing autographs.

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Viggo Mortensen is 50, for goodness sake, but he looks so absurdly boyish I ask if he has sold his soul to the Devil like Oscar Wilde's Dorian Gray, and has a picture of himself in the attic ageing instead.

Mortensen's torso is heavily tattooed - he researched Russian mafia body art - and he abandoned the towel to make the scene realistic.

Small wonder that the Hollywood hoopla of the Academy Awards held no allure for him. Actors are selling themselves before the ceremony and I don't care to do it,' he says.

I'd like to, when it's all said and done, say that I have at least a few stories that I feel proud of.

I don't just want to look back and say, 'I was on x number of magazines.' As far as money goes, there's a saying in Denmark: 'Your last suit doesn't have any pockets.' You can't take it with you.

'It's nice to be recognised, flattering, and the media circus is seductive if you allow yourself to be pulled in.

Jun 5, 2016. Viggo Mortensen at Cannes last month for the preview of his new movie Captain Fantastic Picture Corbis via Getty Images. Viggo Mortensen has. In real life, Viggo's partner is human Ariadna Gil, and he says he moved to Madrid 'because he fell in love and she lived there'. Be still out beating hearts.… continue reading »

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Who Is Ariadna Gil Dating Right Now? Ariadna Gil's current boyfriend is Viggo Mortensen. Ariadna Gil Dating History. Ariadna Gil has had 2 public relationships dating back to 2009. On average, she dates men 10 years older than herself. Age 49. Ariadna Gil Boyfriend List. Viggo Mortensen. Age -1. * Ariadna Gil is 50.… continue reading »

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